Instrument Bank

Sistema Australia is developing an instrument bank that will service our programs nation-wide. We are appealing to schools, communities and individuals in the search for orchestral instruments - old and new - to offer to the children in Sistema Australia programs.

Donate your old instrument!

We would be extremely grateful for donations of any orchestral instruments or musical equipment - old, dusty, forgotten or slightly damaged instruments residing in the back cupboard, we will happily spruce up and hand over to our program participants. Any orchestral instruments and equipment are requested - stringed, wood-wind, brass and percussion instruments, music stands, cases, extra strings, repair kits - anything and everything orchestral. From schools or music organisations who purchase instruments for loan, we would be very appreciative for donations of damaged or broken musical equipment that has recently been replaced.

In donating your instrument to our programs, you will be providing a child from a disadvantaged community in Australia the opportunity to learn music and valuable life skills in the remarkable setting of an orchestra. We would be delighted to keep you up to date with the progress of Sistema Australia, and hope to invite you to one of our program’s many performances in the near future. Please let us know if you have an instrument for donation, and we will arrange for it to be collected or posted to us.

"The majority of the children and juveniles belong to the groups that are most vulnerable and excluded in all of Venezuelan society. Participating in the orchestral movement has made it possible for them to set up new goals, plans, projects and dreams, and at the same time it is a way of creating meaning and helping them in their day-to-day struggle for better conditions of life through the variety of opportunities that the orchestral movement offers them." __Jose Antonio Abreu


Please Donate to Sistema Australia's Music Programs!

You are invited to become a supporter of the Sistema Australia music programs. By making a tax deductible donation to the Australia Cultural Fund, operated by the Australia Business Arts Foundation – it will provide essential financial support for Sistema Australia's after-school music program for children during 2012.

Download a PDF of the AbaF Donation form, or donate online here.