Industry Liason Project

Principal to the success of Sistema's music education programmes is an investment by the professional music industry which stands to gain so much from a vibrant, productive and excellent music education system:

  • They should provide input into such a system as they of all people know what worked for them and what they need empirically. Input also implies commitment and support – both through co-funding, resources, tutelage, organisational support, advocacy and at times, feet on the ground
  • Approaches will be made to the State Symphony Orchestras and other professional orchestras such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.
  • In addition, approaches will be made to major philanthropic organisations and Foundations for support.

“The huge spiritual world that music produces, which also lies within itself, is the end of overcoming material poverty. The minute a child plays, he is no longer poor. The historian, Arnold Toynbee, said that the world is suffering a huge spiritual crisis…I believe that to confront such crisis, only art and religion can give proper answers to humanity, to mankind’s deepest aspirations and the historic demands of our time.”____Jose Antonio Abreu

“El Sistema graduates leave with a sense of capability, endurance and resilience — owning a confidence about taking on enormous challenges in their lives. A deep sense of value, of being loved and appreciated, and a trust for group process and cooperation, enables them to feel that excellence is in their own hands.”__El Sistema USA


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You are invited to become a supporter of the Sistema Australia music programs. By making a tax deductible donation to the Australia Cultural Fund, operated by the Australia Business Arts Foundation – it will provide essential financial support for Sistema Australia's after-school music program for children during 2012.

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