Sistema Australia Program: Crashendo! 

Crashendo! is Launched at Laverton!

Unique in Australia - Crashendo! enables children in disadvantaged communities to partake in a rich and powerful music program, specifically in instrument- and choir-based music in the context of an orchestra and ensemble.

Based on the world-renowned “El Sistema” music program in Venezuela, in Crashendo! the music process is simple yet powerful. We build orchestras and choirs by taking children on a musical journey. This takes them from little or no knowledge of music, to being capable, good musicians who not only can play instruments and sing, but in the context of a community of musicians– the orchestra and choir. It subtly develops teamwork, self-esteem, patience, discipline, respect, focus, concentration, and all the while building a musician out of the child.

Learning to play a musical instrument and experiencing music through playing and singing also significantly helps a developing child's brain cognitively. It is also understood to enhance children's abilities in other areas of learning - particularly in reading, arithmetic calculations, and in memory. Learning read music and playing an instrument strongly develops the powers of concentration too. Music is a powerful tool and something which is vital to our development as entire, well adjusted and intelligent human beings.

The most powerful thing that this program offers, is its ability to subtly imbue its participants with a level of socialisation unmatched by similar activities, such as sport or youth development schemes – making music is an intrinsic part of being human; making music together forms bonds based on friendship, teamwork, trust, respect, solidarity, harmony, mutual compassion and joy. There are no losers in this game. As El Sistema's founder, Jose Antonio Abreu states:

“An orchestra is a community where the essential and exclusive feature is that it is the only community that comes together with the fundamental objective of agreeing with itself. Agree on what? To create beauty...”
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