Establishing the Sistema Music Programme

We have planned a number of separate projects which will assist in the establishment of the Sistema Music Programme. These are:

The Australian Children's Instrument Bank Project

This will develop a musical instrument repository to allow children everywhere within the Sistema programmes to have their own instrument…more

The Youth Lutherie and Musical Instrument Centre Project

An important component of the provision of instruments for the children is a mechanism to support them with new instruments and also to repair those which need to be repaired through continuous use. This can be accommodated with an additional benefit, in offering opportunities for youth skill development and employment…more

The Industry Liaison Project

Principal to the success of Sistema's music education programmes is an investment by the professional music industry which stands to gain so much from a vibrant, productive and excellent music education system…more

Score Library & Composition Project

An important issue is the provision of music and importantly the opportunity to encourage and develop children composition of music – a very significant opportunity for creativity…more

New Programs

We have been asked many times by communities all over Australia, how to establish a music program for their communities. This will help in understanding the essentials of what is required, what is entailed and what the basics are, of creating such a program…more


Please Donate to Sistema Australia's Music Programs!

You are invited to become a supporter of the Sistema Australia music programs. By making a tax deductible donation to the Australia Cultural Fund, operated by the Australia Business Arts Foundation – it will provide essential financial support for Sistema Australia's after-school music program for children during 2012.

Download a PDF of the AbaF Donation form, or donate online here.